‘If you see something say something.’

It's lazy.

The more entertaining mantra... ‘If you see something do something.’

"Do what?" you ask?

I'm glad you asked.

Call The CrossFit Chick.

Wanna talk about Hawaii? Let's go there. Love the place. But... Hawaii has a dark side. You know, about Hawaiian shirts? Careful wearing them in Waikiki. Seriously. Be careful.

Episode 5: Matrix

Easy to guess the topic of this one. The movie. The Matrix. If you haven’t seen it, well that’s impossible. Everybody’s seen it. Watch it. Thank you.

Episode 4: Dance

Episode 4! People like dancing. Who doesn’t like to dance? When we're young. Less inhibited. Don’t mind looking like fools; we don’t care. Didn't worry about how other people perceived us. The good old days. For me, they're gone. And you? Let's talk about it.

Episode 3 covers a sensitive topic many adolescents face. Adult-rated images. We all know young folks enter this visual landscape earlier than their parents did. It’s too easy.

Episode number 2! CMDuncan reflects episode ones disaster and powers through a short story called 'Driving Home.' Peering into the thoughts of a comedian. Onstage. Delivering the final joke of the evening. Fair warning; it involves gutter humor. Not horrible. But bad.

The first episode, yay! CMDuncanWriter introduces his podcast format and welcomes you to the world of Short Story Nerd. An exciting journey. Not sure where it will end. In this episode, the first short story from cmduncanwriter.com called, "The Beast." It's about evil and inheritance. Lighthearted stuff.