The city time forgot. Patrick was born there. Raised. Got out. Escaped winters. Stagnant economy. Removed from his hometown. Hometown values remained. Part 1 of 2. Three Kings.

Camping. The experience. Like it? Just a little? We're going to Pinnacles Park. Our son is excited.

“The Woman Who Wanted More.” Amazing first time novel. What’s wrong? Not perfect. Still... pretty good.

0009: Single Life

I've been there. Lady or dude? Something in between? Doesn’t matter. We all wanna be with someone cause we're the same. Dating. Bad apples. Loneliness.

0008: From Hell

Hate mosquitoes? Me too. What's their purpose? Is there any? Too lazy to look it up. Wouldn’t believe it if I did. I say, 'no.' This story. Came from Hell.

Slow it down. A Supreme Court justice. Lesser rendition of Cosby? Shot-gunned beers with buds. Stole bases from wasted chicks. 'Sup-bro? Killer time last night. What happened with him and Dr. Ford? Google it. Their testimony. Part two of Three Kings. Ginger Beer has no alcohol?

‘See something, say something.’ Lazy. More entertaining mantra? ‘See something, do something.’
"Do what?" Glad you asked. Call 'CrossFit Chick.'

0006: Hawai’i

Let's go there. Love the place. Though... no one talks about it's dark side. You know? Hawaiian shirts? Careful wearing them. What happen to me, no happen to you.

0005: Matrix

Movie. The Matrix. Haven’t seen it? Impossible. Watch it. Everyone has. Thanks.

0004: Dance

Like dancing? Wup-dee, who doesn’t? When young. Un-inhibited. Don’t mind acting like fools. Don’t care. Good times, man. Gone. Tell me about it.

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